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What Are The Most Popular Ear Piercings?

Many piercings which are performed above the neck such as the ear piercing have a history in tribal culture, and this extends to lip and nose piercings too. While there are thousands of people all over the world who love the traditional ear lobe piercing, there are many more that look for more alternative styles of ear piercings, and there are many varieties for them to consider.

The ear lobe piercing, which is the modification of the lobule, the fleshy skin of the ear lobe, has become commonplace within culture, and women in particular are often seen wearing a traditional earring, although men are now just as likely to have this form of piercing. While it is flexible and considered a very safe piercing, there are those who are looking for something more from a body modification, and who want a less well known type of piercing.

Other forms of ear piercings include the conch, which is when the middle area of the ear known as the concha is pierced on the cartilage between the curved section of the ear and the ear canal itself. This bowl-shaped shell in the centre of the ear can often be very sensitive after piercing due to the area in which it sits.

Rivalling the ear lobe piercing for popularity, the helix piercing is also known simply as a cartilage or auricle piercing, and is considered as being very trendy and quite easy to care in relation to other alternative ear modifications. Although it still has a long healing time, because it is cartilage, it has become a very traditional area for men and women to have their ears pierced, as it is seen as one of the more sophisticated looking piercings which can be worn while at work without causing problems.

With such a huge number of different piercing areas in the ear, there are so many pieces of jewellery which can be used, including circular, straight and curved barbells, as well as the more popular rings and studs. For the uninitiated it can be very difficult to decide firstly on which piercing to have, and then secondly which type of jewellery to use in their new body modification.

Those who are struggling to choose often find the tragus piercing to be ideal for their needs. The tragus is completed on the small cartilage which pops out from the face over the opening of the ear canal. The piercing is so popular due to its low pain rating, thanks to a lack of nerves in the tragus, and the fact that a small piece of jewellery is easy to fit and conceal when they go to work.

Body Piercings And Beautiful Peacocks

Not long ago, I was at Starbucks, and it happened to be one which was near a major freeway. A gal came in with a group of friends, and she had a brilliant colorful tattoo on her back shoulder, I asked her what it was, and she told me it was a peacock. I thought that was very interesting, and she said she loved it. She pulled down one of her straps so I could see the whole thing, wow it was incredible. Then I noticed that she had some body piercing to accentuate the peacock, with some sub-dermal pieces to create a slight bulge for the beak, and the ends of the feathers.

Indeed, I'd say she went all out on this, and it was the ultimate expression of personal individuality that I had seen in a long time. It was truly a work of art, and the girl was fairly good-looking, so she didn't need anything to make her look beautiful, she did it because she loved the look. It was so impressive, I was taken aback with the beautiful bird on her back. When body piercings are done in conjunction with colorful tattoos they make a bold statement. This one certainly did, and although I didn't ask her if she had been in any magazines, it seems to me that if she hasn't, she could probably walk into just about any counterculture type magazine and they would do a photo-shoot of her.

Was it over the top? Perhaps it might be if one were to ask your parents what they thought, but she wore it so well, in such a dignified way that it accentuated her beauty and her personality. I doubt if anyone could say it was in poor taste, it was truly remarkable, a literal walking piece of art. It's too bad that more people don't see this reality, as they are too caught-up in their mental boxes to understand the freedom and expression enjoyed by those that display this living artwork. Interestingly enough, her and her friends were going to the river for the weekend, and she had a strapless bikini that she was going to wear so everyone could see it.

It's hard to describe in words how remarkable this was, or the soft-spoken personality of the owner of this colorful tattoo/body piercing hybrid art. I certainly hope I've done it justice here in this article today, and if there's anything I'd like for you to take away from this philosophical thought - it is this; when artwork as beautiful as this peacock adorns the body of a gorgeous woman, it is art, pure and simple. Therefore it is time for society to ditch the stigma of those who enjoy personal expression of their own body.

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Not All Body Jewelry Is Created Equal

Body jewelry comes in all sorts of shapes and forms. There is quite the variety out there. Guaranteed, you can find a new piece of jewelry for your piercing that you never saw before every day if you looked hard enough.

Unfortunately, this variety doesn't always offer quality. In fact, you can find some downright awful body jewelry. They can be made from less then desirable materials. They can be made poorly. They can even get to the point of just being bad for you.

Running an online retailer for piercing jewelry has forced me to find some bad pieces of body jewelry out there. Some of these findings is from research while others are just first hand experience. This is what I have learned thus far.

One of the most common types of materials used for piercings is acrylic. There are many reasons for this. Some pretty cool designs can be made out of acrylic. Acrylic is cheap so not only production costs can be kept small but retail prices can be can be very appealing. It is also very lightweight. However, it is one of those materials that you should try and avoid. The first thing that makes acrylic undesirable is that it can not be autoclave sterilized, one of the best ways to sterilize. Also, alcohol can cause it to degrade. If it can't be sterilized than there are bound to always be germs or dirt or really anything on it. Also, acrylic isn't meant for long term use. Anyone that tells you it is should immediately cause red flags to go up.

Another popular material for use in piercing jewelry is what is considered "organic" body jewelry. However, it isn't that great for use in piercings. Nearly all materials used in organic piercing jewelry are extremely porous. This means they can never be completely cleaned as it is impossible to get every little pore clean. This also means that they can harbor bacterial and other bad things. Why would you want to risk it? Most organics cannot be autoclave sterilized either.

Non surgical steel one of the most popular metals to use in body jewelry. It is one of the cheapest metals to use. It is durable. Overall it is a desirable material to be worn in a piercing. It can even be autoclave sterilized. However, it may not be the best material for you. Most people won't have a problem with it. However, these "regular" steel piercing jewelry can contain a fair amount of nickel which can cause allergic reactions among some people. Overall, it is recommended to not use these steel pieces for you piercings if possible.

Now, you could have piercing jewelry that is made of an acceptable material. That is the first step in the right direction. However, there are other things that may make them undesirable. First off, they just could be plainly poorly made. Some manufacturers only care about the quick buck. They could have sharp edges that aren't supposed to be there. They could use a cheap glue to hold pieces in place, like gems. Poor glass makers will make body jewelry that can break under normal circumstances. You need to make sure what you are buying is quality.

So, there are all these bad things out there in the body jewelry world. What should you look for? Well Surgical Steel, a high grade stainless steel, is a great place to start. The recommendation is that this should be the bare minimum you go for. Niobium is next up on the scale. Titanium is probably the best metal you can buy for your piercings. There is absolutely no nickel in it and so it is one of the most hypoallergenic metals out there. Glass is a great material for use in piercings as well. Just be sure that what you are buying is quality. Silicone is an okay material. The only problem with it is that it creates a seal between it and your piercing which can cause complications. It is great for short term use.

All of the recommended materials above can be autoclave sterilized. This is the method hospitals use to sterilize their equipment. If at all possible, it is highly recommended that you buy sterilized body jewelry. This guarantees a number of things. Poor quality piercing jewelry can not stand the pressure created in an autoclave. An autoclave guarantees everything that can cause infections is killed on the body jewelry. If you get a new piercing, you should be getting sterilized body jewelry for the initial piercing no matter what. Otherwise, you are asking for trouble.

There you have it. It should be clear now that all body jewelry is not created equal and hopefully now you can shop smarter so you can prevent any sort of undesirable circumstance from happening. After all, it is better safe than sorry.

The author of this piece is Jonathan Rudzitis. Jonathan runs Pierced Edge which buys and sterilizes its body jewelry for the general public.

All of this information was gained thanks to Pierced Edge. Pierced Edge is an online retailer of strictly sterilized body jewelry. Sterilized body jewelry guarantees high quality, safe, and clean body jewelry.

How to Start a Tattoo Business at Home - Instructions

Especially for starting a tattoo business, you must be a skilled artist, who has enough time to spend for running the business in a professional way. This is a business which takes much time and effort as well as a significant amount of investment to start with. Tattooing being an art which is applied on the skin directly, the most important point is that you must be aware on how to sterilize the tattooing equipment properly as well as you need to educate your customers on how to care about the new tattoo applied onto their skin in order to avoid infection. In addition to the excellent artistic skills to draw the business owner must be totally business oriented and health concerned.

Below are some instructions that help you to become a successful tattoo business owner.

Approach your city planner and clarify what are the formalities to be completed in order to start a tattoo business from home. If you stay for rent and planning to buy a home in the coming days, you must ensure that you buy a home in a city that is famous for its residential apartments and commercial establishments.

Get trained well and try to become an excellent craftsman in the art of tattoo. It may take several years of apprenticeship or training to become a master of tattoo art. Find out the nearest and affordable training institute and gain knowledge on the great art of tattooing. If you practice drawing, while you attend training you would be able to improve your skills and also to build your portfolio. As an extracurricular thing, you may attend expos and workshops that have been conducted by the tattoo artists in your area.

Once you have learned and gained the necessary skills for tattooing, approach an expert tattoo artist for becoming an apprentice under his guidance. This will help you to get experienced in this field soon. The mentor tattoo artist would teach you on how to use the different tools for tattooing and also how to sterilize the piercing equipment in a proper way etc.

Once you complete the apprenticeship, get a tattoo artists license as well as a legal license to run the business.

As a last step, purchase all items required to start the tattoo business at your sweet home. The main things you will need for your business include a sterilization equipment, tattoo machine, needles, disinfectants, gauze, medical gloves, medical tapes etc.